Shop Talk:
Exploring the history
of Australian department stores

Department stores. We’ve all been to them and have our own experiences of them. Some of us love them, others no longer do. And there are those who just can’t get out of them fast enough. All of these stories matter.

Names like Myer and David Jones, along with those that are long lost, like Grace Bros, John Martins, Boans and McWhirters, have all been a part of everyday life in Australia. But what do we really know about them or the workers and shoppers in them? And what can these stories tell us more broadly about Australian history?

This project aims to gain an insight into the unique history of Australia’s department stores since 1945 by conducting oral history interviews with shoppers as well as those who worked there.

We are looking for people to share their stories, experiences and memories for this exciting project. If you would like to share your story, press 'Contribute' below.

Header image: Myer Pty Ltd, Crowd at Sales Opening Museums Victoria Collections Item MM125204
Right image: John Martin's Christmas Pageant: Giant Father Christmas, 1977, SLSA: B64192/3.